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-.- ......... I'm so sick of this
  • *Watching a home renovation show with my parents*
  • ~The home owners are a gay couple with two adopted children~
  • Me: *watches and sips tea* o.o
  • Dad: Woah woah wait... wait. So are they brothers or... What's going on here?
  • Mum: I don't think they're brothers. They look nothing alike.
  • *Couple holds hands during an interview segment*
  • Me: *sips tea*
  • Dad: Oh FUCK! They're gay?!? Where's the remote, I'm not watching this shit!
  • Mum: I think she has it *points at me*
  • Me: *wiggles the remote in my hand and puts it in my lap*
  • Dad: Pass it over, I'm not watching a show about two faggots.
  • Me: Uh, what... why?
  • Mum: Ew, oh.. listen to how they're speaking!
  • Me: o__O We've been watching this for 15 minutes and you didn't have a problem with it until they held hands. What the hell...?
  • Dad: I'm leaving. You can watch your fairy friends renovate their home. You can all be fucking abominations together for all I care. Have fun burning in hell!
  • Mum: .___. Well that was a bit drastic.
  • Me: ... This is why I don't watch TV with you guys. -.-
  • Normally, I don't write about the stupid things that happen in my life, but this was bloody ridiculous. Why are people like this? Religion? Fear? It's so damn stupid! -.-

Thermal Baths in Vals by (AKorour)
Q: Stop being porn.

NEVER!!!! \(@o@)/

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