It’s now month seven since I fell from heaven

I was engaged once… waking up everyday for years beside someone, first thing you see in the morning is their eyes looking back at yours, same as the last thing you see at the end of the day.
 I’m crying hold on.

25% of my life so far was with this person. And now …gone. ya’know? I’ve been so lost. I’m so sorry about this…
I haven’t spoken to anyone
About this.
It’s just tough… Because like, I know this hurt is real, and there’s a lot of people who struggle and they come to me with their pain and, I just want to tell them that it’s gonna be ok. Give them hope ya’know? Other people keep confessing their love to me, and I’m just so broken, right? I don’t have a heart to give.

My heart is so cold I’ve grown numb to the pain… And now I’m just always seeking for someone or something that can warm it back to life, because I feel so dead inside. All. The. Time.



Cat shredder 

Cat ate my homework

Winter is coming. by Safiru

Driving towards the shining lights by Dominic Kamp